Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I've been a bum today.
I've done nothing that I "should" have done.
I've really done nothing.
I've played on the computer, I've had lunch, I've fed the cats (again), I've looked at the dishes waiting to be washed...but I've not washed them. I've just not wanted to do a damned thing today. I've just wanted to be a bum.
Does it make me a bad person to not want to do the things I should do? I usually do all the things I should do. I stay busy doing the things I should do...and never seem to do the things I really want to. I stay busy doing all kinds of things for everyone but me...not that I regret caring for others..I don't. I love my family and I love doing things for them...but sometimes......sometimes, I just want to do nothing...or something for me.
It makes me tired....
Thinking of all this should, shouldn't, want.

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